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Empowerment through employment

The Employment First Missouri project at the Institute for Community Inclusion provides technical assistance to promote the advancement of integrated community employment for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Missouri.

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Becoming an Employment First Agency

hands together in a circle Are you a Targeted Case Management (TCM) provider interested in becoming a model agency of national best practice in person-centered & self-determined employment pathways for individuals & their supports?

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The Employment First consultation provides an opportunity to assess culture & processes which facilitate change management focused on person-driven employment support coordination.

Scaling Best Practices

  • Facilitated interviews, organization self-assessment, & consultation are used to evaluate current capacity
  • Recommendations, technical assistance, & training to implement capacity building strategies are available at no cost
  • Based on Tiered Supports Model
  • Customized Strategies to Address Barriers
  • Ongoing Support for Staff

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Informed Choices

Informed choice is the process of choosing from options based on accurate information, knowledge, and experiences

Service Delivery Sample Flow

This is a sample structure for delivery of services to assist individuals with disabilities to obtain employment in the community. It is intended to be a basic structure for a person-driven approach, which programs can use as the basis for designing a service flow specific to their organization’s structure, culture, funding agency requirements, etc.

Upcoming Trainings & Events

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Use of Labor Market Information This is a EmploymentFirst Missouri sponsored training
$Free Webinar

While a person-centered approach is the basis for supporting individuals to become successfully

employed, it is also important that staff understand the local labor market. At the conclusion of this

session, you will have gained knowledge regarding the importance of understanding the needs of

businesses and employers in your local labor market, sources of this information, and how this

information can be used to support individuals in pursuing successful employment.

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Planning and Exploration for Employment in the Community This is a EmploymentFirst Missouri sponsored training
$Free Webinar

Employment and integration activities should be driven by individual interests, goals, and needs. In this

training, you’ll learn the basics of person-centered planning, and how it serves as the basis for the

employment and community integration activities pursued by an individual. We’ll also look at how

person-centered planning guides exploration and discovery activities that assist individuals in

determining their preferences for employment.

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Best Practices in Job Coaching and Support Strategies for Community Success This is a EmploymentFirst Missouri sponsored training
$Free Webinar

This training will cover the most effective strategies for staff supporting individuals in employment.

Ways to foster a fruitful partnership with an employer will be reviewed such as first impressions,

learning company culture, and adapting methods to match the environment and needs of the individual.

You will learn about the critical importance of staff supplementing, not replacing, existing natural

supports, the full range of support strategies, and the importance of facilitating full social inclusion in

employment and community settings.

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Using Technology to Support Employment Success This is a EmploymentFirst Missouri sponsored training
$Free Webinar

Taking full advantage of technology can help you to assist individuals to thrive in the workplace. This

session will look at how apps and assistive technology can promote independence on the job. Topics

covered will include determining issues for which technology can assist, identifying technology options,

working with the individual and employer on technology implementation, and evaluating the success of

technology. Also discussed will be use of external resources to assist with technology issues.

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