Many training resources nationally include content on employment and disability. While a variety of options exist, it is critical to consider whether they are competency-based and comprehensive. Working off of competencies ensures that the training teaches the learner the necessary content to do the job well using nationally recognized approaches.

While some course offerings may touch on employment, they may not go deep enough into the topic. For example, the College of Direct Support is widely acknowledged as an effective online training option for people working in direct support roles. Its curriculum includes a couple of modules on employment; however, the offerings are limited.

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To meet the need for a more comprehensive training, the producers of the College of Direct Support launched the College of Employment Services. This suite of courses provides competency-based online training for those working in the field of employment services.

ACRE-approved training is an effective way to obtain the knowledge and skills needed to take the CESP certification exam. Many nationally reputable organizations provide high-quality employment training that may also prepare professionals for the CESP exam. When choosing a training, consider the alignment of the curriculum with nationally recognized standards and the training modality, such as online modules, videos, or in-person instruction, that is used.

The ICI provides low cost training for DDS providers. Other training entities to consider include: